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This site hosts tools the AQ3D Wiki provides.

Project maintained by @trustharri This project is released under the terms of the MIT license.

Just so I don't keep getting questions about this site, I'll put things in simple terms as to the status on this site and the wiki-

I quit working on the AQ3D Wiki and this project a while ago. Truth be told, as I said in my previous announcement, I kind of got fed up with the game.

Doing most of the work on the AQ3D Wiki wasn't a fun thing to do. It was quite monotonous to do. It certainly didn't help that people constantly depended on the Wiki which meant having to do the same tedious thing at a relatively fast pace.

I obviously asked for help, especially way back then, when people were still asking questions in-game and never acknowledged the existence of the Wiki, I went to Artix for help. He never responded. He never gave me his time of the day regarding my requests for help, but he was willing to do it for others. I'd find myself waiting months for a response just for him to cater to other people.

Eventually, after a long while of thinking, I decided to just stop. Some people were right, that I was just torturing myself to do this. I don't have to do this. I don't have to dump thousands of dollars into a game just to do its Wiki, I don't have to waste my leftover hours creating pages, and most importantly, I could be working a job in those hours and I would actually get paid for it.

What's better is that I wouldn't even be ignored for asking questions.

Still, I'll keep everything up on the site as is. Here's the link to my previous announcement that I made a few months ago if you ever need an idea what I had to put up with.

If you're looking for an updated guide, just watch a youtuber instead. I'm pretty sure Artix wants it that way anyways.

Shoutouts to Luxu, Snowy, GodOmnipotent and LegendAnonpariel for helping me out back then. Hope things go well for you all.

Item Stats Builder

This tool will assist you in calculating the total statistics for the items you equip.

Item Stats Chart

Below you will find all of the currently available Item Stat Charts.

All Items

Sorted by Item Type

Sorted by Level

Over the age of 16 and want to join a Guild? Immortals (PvE) is one of the largest active communities with over 500 members on AQ3D. To join, go to this link: discord.io/immt